What is Vervendo?

A simple, smartly designed user friendly reservation platform
where travellers can access and interact with hoteliers
to get the best personalized custom made deals
based on the traveller's needs.


Problem & opportunity

The problem in the hospitality industry is that the epicentre of the accommodation inquires are hotels and not travellers. Travellers today can get only what they are offered and not exactly what they want. Up until now there is not an efficient and effortless way a traveller can state or ask a personal request or need and get answers in a one step procedure. The only way is to contact each and every hotel separately. Furthermore, the hotelier cannot promote unique assets of his property, e.g. Wine Tasting of his own production, Local Dance Lessons. Another issue Vervendo is addressing, is the inexistence of a way to prebook hotel services, activities and facilities. Simple question: Is there a way today, before someone makes a holiday reservation, to know which hotels on the other side of the world can offer “a nanny service for Saturday night and a romantic dinner at the same time for 2 on the beach?” Or even so, how will he ensure he will get that, after he has made the reservation? Simple answer: He won’t.

The solution

Vervendo’s innovative end to end reservation platform is all a traveller needs, not only to make a simple reservation, but also to enquire and get personal answers within a specific time frame (defined by the traveller) and in the most efficient and effortless way for the traveller. All the interaction between the traveller and the accommodation provider takes place within Vervendo’s web or mobile platform. It is done in a simple, solid and interactive way. Vervendo serves the low end consumer as well as the luxury consumer.


  • The hotelier is given an extranet where he sets all the information about his property, like description, photos, facilities and policies and adjust parameters like prices, availability, restrictions etc.
  • The traveler initially states his basic preferences like where, when, who, price range.
  • Then, he states the facilities, activities or services that he considers prerequisite and optional for his reservation.
  • Next, he is given the chance to select one of the exclusives he might be interested in like gastronomy, local culture.
  • Finally, he can make a personal request or express a wish. Before submitting his request, he sets the amount of time he is willing to wait for an answer to his personal request.
  • The traveler is presented in no time with hotel results that meet his basic criteria.
  • In the meanwhile, the hoteliers are processing the request and can optionally get back to him with a personalized offer that might include price motivation, extra offers of assets poorly exploited before and of course an answer to the request.The traveler now is also presented with personalized offers.
  • In the end, the traveler can make a reservation and at the same time prebook amenities, facilities, participation in events, activities etc.

The goals

Vervendo is breaking the travel industry's norm that currently provides travelers with endless, unfiltered, impersonal results that need to be filtered and adjusted on the travelers' effort. Instead, Vervendo's proposal is to make those that want to travel the receivers of bespoke services and the service providers the ones who are on the active seat. This is achieved by providing hoteliers with filtered potential customers that have just stated their desire to travel and allowing hoteliers to actively interact and respond with personalized offers.


Who We Are? Meet Our Team!

Dimitris Andriotis

Founder - CEO

Lydia Abastado

UI Designer

Georgios Tzourmpakis

IT - Project Manager

Orestis Loizidis

Business Developer


Dimitris Andriotis and Ioannis Koutrakis, the co-founders, both physicists and entrepreneurs have the ability to deal with innovation and new challenges. After their studies they founded a chain of 3 boutique private high schools. They were pioneers in establishing renewable energy stations in Greece. Dimitris was also pioneer in research of high vacuum deposition technology. They have also established Phaeton Consulting and in 3 years they have developed and delivered more than 35 "turn key solutions" power plant stations and more than 200 PV rooftops.

Another startup founded by the CEO of Vervendo was Equldo, a company that is currently in stealth mode and has applied for a patent regarding stereoscopic 3D HTML elements at USPTO. Ioannis has also been running successfully a hotel in Crete, Greece for more than 17 years. He has acquired valuable knowledge and has a clear image and insights of the hotel industry problems.

Lydia, the Lead UI Designer has acquired an MA in Design Studies from Central Saint Martins in London. She has worked at Ignition Entertainment Ltd and collaborated with KONAMI and SONY Japan, creating interactive mini sites for games Industry. She has 15 years experience in web design and development. She lived and worked in Sydney, London and Athens.

Georgios, the IT and Project Manager, has studied Electronics and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete, has an excellent knowledge of modern technologies, is an active member of the Github community under the username Kiougar where he contributes to open source projects and is a senior program/web developer.

Orestis, the Business Developer, has studied Electronics and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete, where he is also an MSc candidate at Computer Network Engineering. His thesis lead to two published papers at the ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review.

Orestis and Georgios have also hosted, for two consecutive years, the most successful University soccer tournament in West Crete, Soccerbomb, where more than four hundred students participated. More than ten thousand euros were raised from various local businesses contributing to the prize pool.

For any enquiry please contact us
at info@vervendo.com


Vervendo is currenlty contacting all contracted lodges to ensure they are ready for the public launch!

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